“Sunlight” – Bag Raiders


The weather is glorious today.

Much sun. Very warm. Such breeze. Wow.


“Strangers” (ft. Tove Lo) – Seven Lions with Myon & Shane 54

Disclosure – “You and Me” (Flume remix)

Also, I recommend the music video.

Maybe it’s kinda creepy, or a touch unsettling.

I think it’s hot.

A friend showed me this track/video. I normally don’t care too much for music videos. But this is pretty neat.

Genre : future garage.


Gene Kelly – I Like Myself

I want to be Gene Kelly when I grow up.

Despite the obvious, mind blowing talent displayed in this number, I actually kind of really liked the message of the song/lyrics.

  • Always disliked myself. But now there’s this really incredible, wonderful person in my life. And if this amazing person likes me, then I must really be awesome too. So if they like me, and think I’m amazing, then I guess I am amazing, and I should like myself.

Just something I s’ppose I’ll keep in mind.

Old Spice Commercial

Well look at that! An Asian male in a commercial, and portrayed rather positively no less. Don’t think I’ve seen it air on television yet (then again I don’t really watch television…) but man. This makes me feel good.

2014 Resolution

Find one thing to like about myself. And embrace it. 

Korean Lindy Hoppers

Okay. New life goal: go back to Korea and Lindy Hop. Because seriously, the Koreans are pretty legit.





Both of the couples’ styles seem to be rather whimsical and quirky, with a lot of emphasis on solo jazz movement. Which means, of course, I can dig it.