Old Spice Commercial

Well look at that! An Asian male in a commercial, and portrayed rather positively no less. Don’t think I’ve seen it air on television yet (then again I don’t really watch television…) but man. This makes me feel good.


Expanding the target demographic?

I was watching TV while having lunch, not paying too much attention to what was on, when a new (or at least new to me) Tide laundry detergent commercial came on. As far as concepts for commercials about laundry detergent go, it doesn’t seem like there’s much variance. This one used the “Gosh, my kid is so messy and gets stains all the time on his/her clothes. Good thing I use Tide!” – idea, one that I”m sure many are familiar with.

Except something was…different, about this commercial, and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it at first. But then I realized the parent in this commercial…

…was the father. A laundry detergent commercial with the parent-taking-care-of-messy-child, except the parent was not the woman; it was the man.

Usually it’s always been the mother featured in these commercials, am I not wrong?The nurturer, the homemaker, the mother – that’s usually the market audience for these products, and the target demographic the advertisers have in mind, right? So I’m curious as to why they decided that the father would be featured instead of the mother.

Personally I think it’s great. There’s no need to stereotype gender roles in the home – men should be just as capable of doing laundry as women. Men can be the nurturers in the home at times, too. Why can’t the man be the stay-at-home dad?

Awesome, awesome all around.

*Okay, a quick google search reveals this commercial has been airing since last November or so, but hey, I just now saw it, and it’s still awesome.

**And another edit: apparently the commercial that’s been airing since last fall-ish has two meanings depending on whether you see the short or long version. The short version heralds the stay at home dad, but the long version continues with the father going on about calling himself a dad-mom and stressing how he still does manly things (pullups, or whatever the commercial uses). Basically, men can do laundry, but it’s still women’s work.

Well, that’s not very cool. But the commercial I saw seemed to really make the dad more genuine and nurturing; it wasn’t the early commercial.

Find your drum kit

Teachers want us to work, and I say, “Fine, I’ll work. But you’ve gotta let me do the kind of work that I wanna do.” And for me, it’s my drum kit, man. This is my passion. This is the essence of who I am now. But before I had this, I was lost, too. You see what I’m saying? You need to find your reason for living. You’ve gotta find your big, gigantic drum kit.

~Nick, Freaks and Geeks pilot ep


I’ve started to watch Freaks and Geeks per recommendation of my sister. I just finished the pilot episode. It makes me cringe, but in a good way, because it captures how awkward high school was and how much it sucked, depending on the person.

Also, I love Jason Segel. He’s just great.


LILY BELL: You know how people talk –

CULLEN BOHANNON: To hell with people.

~Hell on Wheels, season 2 ep 3 “Slaughterhouse”

“I have the two qualitie…

I have the two qualities you require to seek absolute truth: I am brilliant, and unloved.

Forest of the Dead, Doctor Who ep 9, series 4

That just wrinkled my brain…


A new blog.

Isn’t it exciting? New blogging platform, new appearance, new beginnings…well not really. I’ve only decided to start a new one since I feel I’ve completed a certain chapter of life, a chapter that is my time as an undergraduate student. I had a blog that basically chronicled my thoughts and interests which lasted through my time at college, but now, I’ve graduated and currently find myself in limbo, this purgatory called a gap year where I scramble to get my shit together and be productive as possible as I spend this year applying to dental school.

And so far, I’ve clearly demonstrated my productivity by watching television shows and movies.

I watched Blue Mountain State. It’s a pretty funny show if you’re into crude, vulgar, and sexual humor. You know, if you’re a guy. Or, you know, girls can enjoy this show too, but this show was obviously marketed with stereotypical guy interests in mind. College frat-life. Sports. Girls. Sex. Partying. Thad was easily my favorite character; he takes macho-jock to an extreme, to the point where I was pretty sure the big reveal later on would be that he’s homosexual. But no. He’s just Thad. BMS was only 3 seasons long before it got benched. It makes sense I guess, because I feel you can only do so much with that type of synopsis.

Now I’ve started watching Community. Before, I’d only known about this show from its title, otherwise, I knew nothing about it. Then I when I started redditing, I noticed it was referenced a number of times via gifs or a youtube link. Granted, these two examples really only feature the character Troy Barnes, played by Donald Glover, whom you might know from his presence in Derrick Comedy, or as Childish Gambino, his rapper stage name. (That track is actually really good, but honestly, the only track by him I like). So really, I started watching Community because of Donald Glover, but dang, everyone in this show is great! Each character is so fleshed out and unique, with his/her own quirks and oddities, and it’s such a riot watching them try to coexist in community college. It’s great. Ken Jeong also co stars in some of the episodes. He’s great.

I finally got around to watching DriveWhoa. This movie is all sorts of incredible. I expected it to be something along the lines of a Jason Statham film with lots of action and car chases, since, you know, the movie is about a car stuntman. But it’s not. I think there are only two major car chase scenes in the entire film; the rest of the story is dedicated to the Driver and his relationships with the people around him. I also thought the movie overall was excellently shot. I later looked it up and the genre was described as “neo-noir.” It fits, I guess. The movie is gritty, dark, and some of the scenes are clearly framed with that certain artistic grimness. I like.

Also, Ryan Gosling: damn. He is all sorts of cool, mysterious, brooding, bad-assery in this movie. New guy-crush? Yes.

And continuing with this new thing I have for Gosling, I also finally watched Blue Valentine.  Good. Lord. If I were watching it by myself, I probably would’ve cried. Luckily I was watching it with a friend. Who’s a guy. Uh. Not awkward at all, right? Anyways, watching Blue Valentine is to experience a roller coaster of emotions. In the present time, you have this married couple, and they’re figuring out how to fix things between them, if there’s anything worth fixing at all anymore. But then throughout the film, we see them years earlier, when they first met, and all the good moments they had in love with each other. And watching those moments makes you so happy, but at the same time, absolutely miserable, because you know where they are in the present and…and….and it’s just not fair! Ugh. Good movie though. If I ever want to feel depressed, I’ll just watch this movie.

I’m gonna close with this song. It’s used in the opening credits of Drive. It’s pretty groovy.