Sriracha Ice Cream Sandwiches

I know, I can’t believe it either. But apparently it’s a real thing someone made. Thai basil-infused vanilla ice cream sandwiched between sriracha peanut butter cookies. I want to try one just for the hell of it now…

link to recipe


Gin & Soda

So I read somewhere that an alternate to a gin & tonic is a gin & soda, where you just replace tonic water with club soda. I’m giving it a try as I wrote this post. My thoughts? It’s…cleaner, definitely, but that’s because you don’t have the syrup-y texture (and added sweetness!) from tonic water. So it really tastes like watered down gin, but bubbly. And a hint of lime from the lime wedges. Although I read somewhere else that adding a lime wedge and a dash of sugar to a gin & soda makes it a…gin rickey? I’unno. I think it’d be cool to be a bartender, or a mixologist, or at least have the knowledge of a bartender/mixologist and be able to know what goes with what in terms of liquor and mixer. Mmm…


Run, Bake, Eat, Repeat

So behind my school’s – well, I guess now that I’ve graduated, my alma mater? – intramural fields, there’s a nice, very large section of woods, they surround a lake, and it’s got all these trails…anyways, I’ve started running in those woods, and it’s really nice. No music, no phone, just me and the forrest, and well, sometimes the sound of cars on the nearby highway. And actually, maybe running without a phone isn’t the smartest of ideas in case I injure myself and I can’t contact anyone, but, it’s not like I’m in the middle of nowhere…the point is! I can get used to running if I keep exploring the myriad of pathways here. I like it.

Also now that I’m not dancing as much (tear), I need another method of staying active. Especially when I bake something like strawberry crumble bars, using this recipe.

I had strawberries in the fridge, and last Friday  night, I wanted to do something with them before they started spoiling. So I made these bars. What? So I stayed in on a Friday night and baked, it’s not like I’ve got 14 cats running around my place…um. Anyways! These bars are really tasty, but of course they should be if you use two sticks of butter. (NOTHING TO SEE HERE.) The recipe yields a crap-ton of them, which is very ideal for sharing. Also, I might have been just a little zealous with the lemon juice in the strawberry filling, as I think it just so slightly overpowers the strawberries. It’s still sweet, but maybe it could’ve been sweeter. Oh well, lessons learned.

So yeah. Baked goods like these are the reason why I NEED to stay active. That and I’m really taking a liking to beer these days. I smell impending disaster on a waistline level. Thus, I’ve started running. Kind of. It’s not that I like running, but I enjoy running through these woods. Running usually helps clear my head of mental garbage, so running through the forrest, ducking under slim branches and dodging large roots definitely keeps my mind occupied and unconcerned with other stresses for maybe half an hour, give or take.