But at least Jeni’s splendid ice creams are ah-may-zing.

I have really big news, is that I got. a mother. fucking. JOB OFFER. That’s right, I’ve officially accepted a job offer to be a full time web developer at a small company in the city I want to be in, doing what I quit my old job to do, getting paid a salary. I’ve never had a salaried job before. I’m kinda nervous. But super excited, which means eventually I’ll get to move back into the city.

So…if this is a really awesome thing to happen to me, considering the major downs I’ve been seeping in, why the hell do I still feel like my life is shit?

Probably because trying to find a new car is super stressful. Also I’ve begun looking at potential 1 bedrooms/studios to live in, which is also stressful, but should probably take a backseat to my finding a new car. And, I got a goddamn ticket for driving without my headlights turned on. I was driving my mom’s car, which used to belong to my sister, which I’ve driven maybe once, and for some reason I turned the headlights off, forgot to turn them on when I was leaving a dance, and I got fucking pulled over by a member of Atlanta’s finest to receive a citation for driving without my headlights. AMAZING. REALLY. MY LIFE ISN’T STRESSFUL ENOUGH, PLEASE, NO REALLY I INSIST, PLEASE GIVE ME MORE SHIT TO DEAL WITH.


I bought a silicone keyboard cover to place on my macbook to protect it from potential spills that may/will occur. It feels weird to type on, and I realize it muffles the speakers of this computer. So uh…it doesn’t feel quite as good to use, and it dulls a certain sensation…I’ve been calling it a keyboard condom. Yup.