But first, storytime:

A couple of days ago, I got a phone call that ID’d as someone in Atlanta/Decatur. So, I answered. “Hello?”

“Hello! This is Bob-Smith-Dude-Guy from Random-Home-Security-Company! How are you doing today?” 

“Oh! I’m doing fine, thanks!” 

“Wonderful! Now, I’d like to talk to you about our home security services. Are you the homeowner?” 

“Sorry, I am not the homeowner.”

“(brief pause)…Okay!” he said, cheerfully.

Then he hung up.

Uhhhh, rude. Didn’t even give me a proper farewell. WELL, joke’s on him, I actually own, like, 5 houses, he would’ve made a killer commission of the sale I was about to make him.

Anyways. I was on my way to my new part-time job’s in-store training. I was super frustrated because I underestimated the traffic to get into the city, and I was feeling really bummed and sad and stressed about losing Carla and having to find a new car and deal with insurance. I was about 20 minutes away from the store, stopped at a red light behind a line of other cars.

A panhandler was walking down the lanes, waving at drivers and holding a sign that said something about helping him eat today. I never give money to panhandlers, but that day, I remembered I had a granola bar in my bag. I grabbed it, rolled down my window, and called the guy over once I got his attention. I handed him the granola bar. He thanked me, and he continued down the street behind me as the light turned green, and I drove away.

I wasn’t sure if he’d even accept the granola bar. Ya hear stories about people offering to buy panhandlers food, only to have their offer rejected because they really just want money for…things. I guess. So, I felt just a little better that the dude took my granola bar.

What I’m trying to say is: yeah, right now, I feel pretty shitty. But things could be a lot worse. I’m in a fairly good spot, all things considered. I just gotta keep my perspective on life.

Also, last night I cracked open a fortune cookie that read, “Your skills and talents will soon be recognized.” God I hope so, if this refers to the interview I just had today. Which went well. I’m pretty optimistic about it.


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