I cannot stop watching this.

The International Lindy Hop Championships were this past weekend, and the swing dance community has been all abuzz with the videos of the competitions and routines.

This routine is my favorite out of all the ones I’ve seen thus far. Firstly, it’s because I absolutely LOVE this song, this specific version of “Billy Bailey Won’t You Please Come Home,” which is sung by Ella Fitzgerald.

I think I also really like this because the arc that Juan and Sharon create, with how they play with the music, lyrics, and dynamics,  is similar to what I feel when I listen to this song. Granted…I can’t choreograph like they do, but I can really relate to the energy they put into this piece. It’s so relaxed, fun, and cheeky.



Shit that happens at work ep 2

Had a killer weekend, but unfortunately I was late to work this morning. I was seeing one of my patients and was small-talking about why I was late and didn’t see them for the first part of their visit.

“Oh you know, it was just one of those days when I missed my alarm and woke up in a panic when I finally heard it my sleep.” (Nervous laughter)

“Oh no,” my patient tuts, “you shouldn’t rely on your alarm clock, you need to rely on God! It’s what I do.”


Shit that happens at work

>Patient returning their study medication
>Find a random pill in the box
>”Uh oh, would want the patient to miss one of their regular meds! :D”
>Return pill to patient
>Patient says, “Oh, it’s not mine but I probably know who it belongs to.”
>Leans in, “It’s morphine.”
>Patient says it belonged to their cousin who recently got busted by the Fuzz

> my face is like .___.

The men who dance in heels

And do so oh so fabulously.

I came across this video because a friend shared it and it popped up on my newsfeed. That…that is just freaking impressive. I think I have a new favorite choreographer.

And this routine has the most views on his channel, for good reason.