So I’m a DJ now

Yeah that’s right. I totally DJed a set at the most recent Blues dance here in Atlanta. As it was my first time DJing ever, I only had an hour to play. General consensus? Everyone loved my set! I’ll admit I was a bit nervous…I imagine it’d suck as a DJ to be playing a set and have no one dancing. The horror.

Anyways, if you’re curious, I’ve turned my set into a spotify playlist, which you can access if you have an account.

Otherwise, here’s a track list

(Title, Artist)

  1. Blue Prelude, Koko Taylor
  2. The Beast, Milt Buckner
  3. I Just Want To Make Love To You, Paul Rodgers
  4. Mama Talk To Your Daughter, J.B. Lenoir
  5. Angel in the Day – Devil in the Night, Dr. Michael White
  6. Darkness, Tab Benoit
  7. Jukebox Boogie, Doctor Ross
  8. The Shadow, Shawn James
  9. Six Cold Feet, Hugh Laurie
  10. Feeling Good, Kim Massie & the Solomon Douglas Swingtet (not available on Spotify) 
  11. Sunday Kind of Love, Etta James
  12. You Are My Sunshine, Leftover Cuties
  13. Cry Me A River, Julie London
  14. Big Long Slidin’ Thing, Dinah Washington
  15. Sinkin’ Soon, Norah Jones
  16. Wild is the Wind, Nina Simone

Can’t wait to DJ more!


Like a leaf clings to a tree…

…Oh, my darling, cling to me.



I’ve admired tattoos for quite a while now. Or at least, ones that are done well. I like how they can say a lot about the person who has them. Me, I’ve just never had anything very meaningful enough that I’d want it permanently etched into my skin.

Until now.

I mean, it’s pretty simple. Nothing too exciting – a line of text, but it’s from a play that I’ve carried with me for a long time. And for some reason, today I suddenly thought I might like this idea as a tattoo. Where, and how though? No clue. Do I even really want it? Well, I’ll give myself maybe 6 months, and if I still want it by then, well, fuck, I’ll do it.

“…He who posseses sexuality is assumed a predator.”

“… [the] point is that popular culture sets up this idea that men are sexual predators who need to resort to trickery and cologne to fulfill their one and only mission, which is sticking their penis in a girl.
It’s sad. It’s insulting. And it’s damaging.”

“This way of looking at male sexuality conflates sexuality with predation. It means that he who posseses sexuality is assumed a predator.”