I want a little sugar in my bowl

Current favorite blues song. On. Repeat.

I was in Charleston, SC this past weekend for the Charleston Lindy Exchange (CHEX). Everyone I’ve talked to who’s been to this event said nothing but good things about it. And you know what? It totally lived up to the hype. Awesome live bands. Great venues. Dance on the beach. And so many good dances with so many friends, new and not-so-new.

I did that thing again where I slept in my car for one night. I booked a room in a hostel for the second. Hey, I’d just rather shell out the dough for one night while I pinch a bit more by sleeping in Carla. Although, it’s getting tougher to sleep now that the weather’s getting increasingly hotter. Yeesh. Essentially, what I pay for is a bed to sleep in but more importantly, a freaking shower. I’d totally sleep both weekend nights in my car, but dancing for a number of hours works up a sweat, which leaves me feeling all sorts of grimy. That Saturday afternoon shower after 24ish hours without one, including several hours of dancing…heavenly.

Speaking of, I stayed at Notso Hostel. It’s a neat place. Clean, organized, well-maintained, the gal who seems to run the shindig knows what she’s doing. The room I stayed in was a bit cramped though, especially since there were 3 other guys sharing it. And, waiting for the bathrooms to open up is kind of a bitch, but hey, it’s cheap lodging. Parking can be dicey as the lot behind the house can fill up quickly, especially on the weekends; I ended up parking on the street, tempting a parking ticket. I think. Luckily I managed to avoid one, and I was able to enjoy a very tasty breakfast at Dixie Supply Bakery and Cafe once I left the hostel. The cafe is a tiny place that’s nestled next to a corner convenience store, and parking is sparse, but goodness, the food is good. I had the Dixie breakfast special – a no frills plate consisting of two eggs, meat (bacon), starches (grits and a biscuit). Simple, but very tasty. If I were an omelet kinda person, I’d have definitely tried one of their specials. Their shrimp and grits also sounded very appetizing, but, I wanted the most bang for my buck. And boy did I get it. I was quite satiated and didn’t feel the need to eat until I left Charleston later in the day, at almost 6PM.

I really need a day to just explore all of Charleston. I didn’t do any exploring this time around, and only a paltry bit the last time I was here for HCBX, but gosh, it’s a really pretty city.