Sweet Disposition (Matt Lange Bootleg)


Me gusta.

It’s not terribly different from the original, but this just feels so much…fresher.

Must dance.


When Everyone In Your Family Has A Dating Life Except You

And yes, this even includes your divorced parents.

“Cry Me a River” – Julie London

A Girl Said I Raped Her | Thought Catalog


This girl may have thought she was in my hands, that I was pulling the strings to make this happen, but in reality she had a power over me that I could not fathom at the time. She had the power to call me a rapist, and while there was no police investigation, no media attention, those words echoed in the ears of the right people.

Diamonds, Candy Pills, One Million Dollar Bills

I’m convinced trip hop artists must have the best sex ever.

Un-Memorizing the “Silence is Sexy” Date Script | Queer Guess Code


A woman once told me pointedly something that has stayed with me to this day.  We were kissing.  Lying on the cold wood floor, my hand traveled across her stomach and she whispered, “I think we should take it slow.”  I agreed immediately.  Before moving in to kiss her again, I said, “Just tell me when to stop.”

This, I thought, was considerate.  Respectful.  Sexy.  But she quickly corrected my mistake.  Pulling away from me, her face took on a serious expression and the words she spoke illuminated a misunderstanding I had long nurtured, even as I knew myself to be a thoughtful feminist with much respect for other women.

In essence, what she said was, “Women are not given enough opportunities to say ‘yes.’”

When Will You Kiss Me? | Thought Catalog


I really like the emotional tension the author creates in her piece…but goddamn, if it doesn’t make me want to just shake the narrator and tell her to make a move already.

Cripes. If you want something, make it obvious.