Whoa. From a writing standpoint, I loved this. Using the 2nd person POV can be so powerful. And I love the cadence, how the sentences read and flow off each other, long, breathless ones that alternate with short, gasping statements.

Thought Catalog

You were a storm barreling toward me, full of boiling rage and leftover resentment. You needed a place to land the whirling brew of dust, wind and rain and I let you right in.

You were handsome. You have a darkness to your features which is my weakness, and it casts itself over your stern face giving you a severity that’s mistaken for shyness. Your arms are muscled though you hide them in sweatshirts. You seem like you could fly off the handle, which is partly why I start to like you. Trouble simmers on your skin. I like nice people, don’t get me wrong, and you are nice. But there’s a itch on you, under the surface and you seem poised to scratch it. Your hands tighten into fists by your pockets and you need an outlet for something so dark and deep you haven’t let yourself touch it…

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