Blues and Burlesque

Last-last weekend was simply amazing as I was at Enter the Blues 6, a weekend blues exchange here in Atlanta. This is a pretty big event, and there were some top notch dancers and instructors from all over the country coming in. It was great! I learned so much at the workshops, and even though I knew I’d get spanked in the competitions, I entered the Choreography, Jack and Jill, and Solo Blues contests anyways. And ya know what? It was really fun, too! If anything I think the experience of simply dancing in a competitive setting is good, so over time, I won’t be as nervous.

I love dancing solo blues. There were a couple of workshops dedicated to this part of blues dancing, and I lept at the opportunity to take them. I was especially pleased when after the weekend was over, one of the judges messaged me on facebook and gave me a little feedback regarding my submission to the choreography competition as well as my performance in the solo blues preliminaries. She actually put me down as a “maybe” to compete in the finals! I was extremely ecstatic just to read that. I mean, I was up against dancers who have been doing this for many more years than I have, some even do this for a living, so I was rather enthusiastic to have even caught the attention of one of the judges with my meager 1.5 years of blues dancing.

Oh, right, I totally entered the choreography competition portion of Enter the Blues. Like I said, competition was extremely stiff and my piece did not get selected for the finals, but you can still view my video submission here. To be honest, I wasn’t entirely happy with the final recording because there was so much that could’ve been improved, but, I gave it my best shot, my partner gave it her best shot, and it was a great experience nonetheless.

Sharon Davis was one of the instructors this weekend, and I was rather excited to take a couple of workshops from her. Whenever I watch videos of her performances, I feel a mixture of crazy-arousal and seething envy…but I suppose it’s safe to say most of her audience might share similar feelings.

I lept at the chance to take her solo blues workshops, and they were very informative. However, her dancing still has feminine elements to it because…well, she’s a woman. Obviously. What I really crave and need is a masculine approach to solo blues dancing, which one of the workshops focused on, and it was a great start. But I need more. It’s kind of a bummer that it seems like solo blues is really dominated by women – come on, guys, we can dance and be awesome by ourselves too!

Sharon also specializes in burlesque dancing, and she hung around town for a few more days and taught a burlesque workshop. And yes, I attended her workshop. And I wasn’t even the only guy! There were four guys total, myself included, amongst…maybe 20 women. Didn’t care. It was extremely fun and I got a little insight into what burlesque is and the energies and fundamentals behind it.

I also took notes, both from the weekend and the burlesque workshop. Methinks it’s time I start another blog dedicated to my dancing endeavors…yes. That would do.

More to come!



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