The Truth About Being an Advanced Dancer

Advanced Dancer Myth #5: They are better than you.

They are NOT better than you. I am not better than you. I like certain people, don’t like other people, and haven’t gotten to know most of you.

I don’t want to be on your pedestal. It’s not safe up there.

Being on a pedestal means I have so much farther to fall when you get to know me and find out I am actually awkward, boring, weird… or normal. (I also don’t speak as well as I write. Sorry!)

When I’m up on your pedestal, remember I didn’t choose to climb up here. When you’re busy calling advanced dancers elitist and cliquey, remember that most of them are trying to be normal, average humans who sometimes step into the role of super-awesome dancer.

So this article is slowly circulating among the various dance friends I know. And this particular point is pretty applicable to my feelings about more “advanced” dancers. I know I shouldn’t idolize them, because the truth is, they’re really no better than you or me. We’re all just normal people, at this dance, dancing with other normal people.

Continued reading over here, where the author makes other excellent points.


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