Sweet Side of Swing 2013

Aka, scratch number 5 off that bucket list. 

Attending Sweet Side of Swing this year was a no brainer because A) I missed out last year because I had Ballroom Magic rehearsals and B) it’s in Atlanta! Practically local. So last weekend, I had a great, fun time of workshops and dancing.

What I was most excited about were the pro instructors. These ladies are ah-ma-zing dancers, and I made it a goal to dance with each of them at least once this past weekend. There is always something so nerve-wracking about trying to ask an instructor to dance. These people are PROFESSIONAL dancers. They’ve got years and years of experience to my almost-two years. Just about everyone in the dance community know who these people are. So I mean, I can’t help but feel a little a lot of pressure when I want to dance with them.

But the thing I’ve got to remember is to not put them on a pedestal. They’re here for the same reason I am – to dance and have fun! So with that in mind…I totally achieved my goal of dancing with all of the instructors at least once. Some even twice! And they were incredible dances. Dancing with a pro is unbelievable and so much fun because they know how to play. And playing around is something I love doing in west coast swing. My forte is dancing to songs where I get to groove and be funky or silly, and it’s so much fun dancing with a follow who can be just as silly with me. And more often than not, those end up being amazingly fun dances! And I almost never fail to get the “that was so much fun! / You’re so fun to dance with!”

In fact, I even had one gal run up to dance with as her last dance before she left – because I’m so much fun to dance with.

I will never get tired of hearing that compliment.

Anyways, I did write up a lengthy post detailing my dances with all of the instructors, but I done fucked up and back-paged before saving and I lost. All. Of it. I hate it when that happens. So, you’ll just have to be content with when I say I think it’s really cool and totally awesome that I got to dance with pro west coast swing dancers. Chyeah.


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