Podcasts need to stop making me cry

Especially while I’m driving. It seems unsightly and I feel like I’d be judged if someone were to pass me and happen to look over.

I previously mentioned how I’ve started listening to Group Therapy with Above and Beyond. Well, I downloaded episode 002 with Armin van Buuren being the guest DJ. I’ve never experienced any kind of strong, emotional sensation while listening to anything electro-based, but I was driving from Athens to Greenville in the middle of the night, Armin’s set started playing (which is around the 1hr28/29min mark if you’re curious), and holy shit, I was just overcome with… crazy feelings. At certain points during certain tracks, I got massive chills, I screamed, I yelled, I laughed, I nearly cried (my eyes were definitely welling and may have slightly leaked) – absolutely ridiculous. Maybe it was a combination of the things I had on my mind at that moment, and being alone on a dark,  streetlamp-devoid road, and just driving with the windows and moonroof down, and having the wind rip through my car as I blasted trance from Carla’s stereo as the speakers rattled and groaned in protest. When it ended, I played the episode again from where Armin’s mix starts, and yup, same sensations, just not quite as intense. Cripes. I’m starting to recognize now that trance usually carries a layer of emotional weight, or at least that’s how I think of it.

Earlier today, I was driving back from Greenville, and I was listening to last week’s episode of This American Life. The episode was about animal sacrifice, and one of the stories was about the Dogs for Defense (I think is what it’s called) program enacted by the U.S. military during WWII, how the military decided it would be beneficial to have dogs perform in certain aspects of combat and made an open request to Americans to let them volunteer their dogs for service. Tens of thousands of people wrote, volunteering their canine companions. Of course of the ones selected, trained, and sent into service, a fair number died, and for some reason, hearing these accounts of these people losing their dogs in battle made me bawl something ridiculous. I think it’s because a dog’s love for his owners can be the epitome of unconditional love, and whatever his owner’s command him to do, he could do it, without question.

Animal sacrifice.

The podcast briefly touched upon the use of “bunker dogs,” and 3 documented cases of them: these dogs were loaded with a sack of explosives primed with a delay detonation, so that they would be ordered to enter an enemy bunker and explode. These dogs were trained to be suicide bombers, and they had no idea what they would eventually do. I tried really hard to stifle tears and sobs up to this point, but upon hearing about that, it was game over.

Podcasts are my new favorite thing. I’m slowly accumulating favorite shows that I’ve subscribed to, and it’s great to have while I’m on long drives (or doing mindless data entry at work).


One Comment on “Podcasts need to stop making me cry”

  1. lydia says:

    This American Life!!!

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