Chameleon Conversation

Once I get to know you and if I like you enough, there’s a high chance I’ll pick up on some of your mannerisms and mimic them when I’m around you.

Basically, I find myself constantly reacting to people, especially the beginning stages of getting to know someone.

If I get the sense that you’re a touchy/physical person, and if I like you, I’ll have no qualms hugging back, leaning my head against you, etc.

If you let slip lines with hints of wit and sarcasm, and if I like you, I’ll gladly share my own biting ribs and jests.

If I can tell you’re being a dick in the name of humor, and if I like you, then hey, I’ll also participate in asshole-like tendencies.

But, if I spend all my time adapting to situations and people and friends, constantly shifting my behavior and persona to match their energy, who am I really then, as a person? Am I simply a personality sponge, absorbing the mannerisms I find pleasing from other people and using them myself?

I suppose most people do the same thing. If you like someone enough and want them to like you back, typically each person might mimic the other’s behavior to some degree. It’s just, I sometimes wonder if I do it too much. And if so, then what characteristics can I call my own?

Or, is nothing about people original? Is everyone a sum of his or her own experiences and interactions with the people in their world?


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