Pro tip: Invest in quality kitchen knives

Say you’ve been tasked to help dice onions for a relish that will go on hotdogs for an office Halloween party. However, you only have a cheap, plastic-handled, 4″ paring knife. Whatever, you’ll make it work, right? So you start chopping onions, which is a little difficult at first because the frackin’ onion is wider than the knife blade itself, but you eventually get used to it. Occasionally you put the knife down so you can clear your cutting board of the finely diced onions to make room for a new onion to chop. You pick up your knife to resume your work.

And this is where the importance of a proper, weighted, kitchen knife becomes so crucial. A dinky plastic paring knife has no weight. The knife isn’t balanced, the blade isn’t weighted, it feels the same whether you’re holding it blade up or blade down. So maybe you don’t realize at first that you’re trying to cut the onion using the dull side of the knife, because the knife just weighs the same in your hand and maybe you brush it off as it’s a cheap, not-so-very-sharp knife. And then, as you’re typically ought to do, you brace your index finger against the top of the knife to help cut through the onion.

But oops! You didn’t realize the knife is upside down. Surprise: you’re pressing your finger onto the blade and you don’t realize it until you feel a slight tingling sensation in your finger, causing you to stop your work, look at your finger, and see a fine line of a cut on your finger tip that’s suddenly oozing blood. Luckily your place of work happens to be a clinic so there are bandaids a plenty.


Moral of the story – use the right knife for the job, and try to invest in a decent set of kitchen knives.


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