Ohhhhh dear. I meant to make a birthday post, you know, on or after my actual birthday. And now it’s October.

So a friend at my place of work and I discovered we’re birthday twins (albeit her having a year on me) and decided we should celebrate together. Thus, a small number of us went out into the city and had ourselves a grand ol’ time.

It was actually great fun for me because, well, I don’t think I’ve ever gone out to celebrate my birthday with a group of friends. It’s always been with my immediate family, or with a significant other, but never with a number of my friends.

So…it was a really nice experience.

Because to be honest, if I hadn’t known my friend and I have the same birthday, I probably would’ve just stayed home and done nothing anyways.

Summary of 22nd Birthday Shenanigans:

  • Rock climbing. Working down that bucket list, yo!
  • Delicious dinner at tapas restaurant. Tried my first caiprinha. Thoughts: good, but tasted like tequila instead of rum. Got cake frosting smeared on my face. Uncool. Got cake frosting licked off my face. Very cool. Total drink count: 2. Sobriety status: tipsy
  • Chill times at pretty neat casual bar. Played drunk billiards. Had my first long island iced tea. Thoughts: tasty, and good for those indecisive about their liquor choice. Total drink count: 6. Sobriety status (upon leaving): drunk
  • Dancing at a club that was having a college night (because one member of our group was still <21). Wallet: tears shed. Comfort level: grimy people abound. Sobriety status: properly smashed.

Maaaan, so uncool that I have to pay more to get into clubs just because I have a penis. I mean, I get it. Guys will go where the girls go, so if clubs offer reduced admission to girls/ladies night events etc, guys are bound to show up as well and spend money on said girls. But I mean, I sure as hell didn’t go to a club to get grimy with some randos. I just wanted to dance with my friends! Cripes. Also it didn’t help that at this particular club, college night attracts the younger college girls, but some really creepy older dudes. Also I discovered girls will use their guy friends as shields from said creeper dudes. Which can a perk to some, and a nuisance to others, I imagine. Also, bathroom attendants are kinda weird.

Also, I felt kinda douchey for suiting up, as I was rather overdressed for all our stops (except for rock climbing where I was in proper attire) but you know what, fuck ’em all, it was our birthday damnit and will look fabulous if we so please.

Tl;DR – Best birthday ever.


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