Identity Festival 2012

What I dubbed as…the dubstep stage. Eh? Eh? Okay.


First EDM-type event I’ve attended: Identity Festival 2012, Atlanta stop.

Hoh boy. What. A. Show. My sister and I arrived around 6, caught Eva Simon’s set at the main stage, then wandered over to the Rockstar Energy Drink Fuck Yesss stage (above) for a set. Then we went back to the main stage for the headliners: Madeon, Wolfgang Gartner, and Eric Prydz.

My god. Madeon’s set was easily my favorite of the night. So much energy. And it was obvious he was having a blast up there too, dancing around and shit. Did you know he’s only like, 18 years old? EIGHTEEN. Insanity. Anyways, so there’s Madeon, doing his thing. I’m only familiar with a few of his tracks, being “Icarus” and his remix of “Raise Your Weapon.” BOTH OF WHICH HE PLAYED. Which was AWESOME. And he ended (or maybe, it was next to his last song) with “Pop Culture,” the mix that pretty much made him famous. He also did remixes of “Mr. Brightside” and “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” They were crazy good tracks.


Up next, Wolfgang Gartner. I only knew him from his collaboration with Deadmau5 on “Animal Rights.” He had a really awesome set as well. Not tooooo familiar with his work, but his set was really kickass.


I had no idea who Le Castle Vania was before tonight. But he mixed in quite a number of other artists’ tracks. Most notably…KNIFE FUCKIN’ PARTY. Or just Knife Party. But I fucking love Knife Party. I heard a bit of “Rage Island” at one point, and “Internet Friends” at another. I got really, really excited when I heard those being played. Still don’t really know who Le Castle Vania is, but if he keeps playing Knife Party, I’m a fan.


Annnnd closing out the night was Eric Prydz. To be honest, I was a bit underwhelmed by his set. It was constantly intense, felt like he rarely let up, which was pretty awesome, but then again, he was the last set and I was starting to get rather tired. He was less rage-y, and more house-y. I’unno. Still good though, but far from my favorite set of the evening.


Overall: SO MUCH FUN. I want to go to more now. More. MORE. Also, I should’ve worn my V mask to this thing. Oh well. Next time, then.


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