Maroon 5-ness: Overexposed

So I got my hands on a copy of Maroon 5’s newest album “Overexposed” the day it came out. This means I’ve had it for a good month now, and I have to say…it is quite different from anything they’ve ever done. It really is a departure from their established style. It’s more dance-y and leaves behind the pop-rock/funk/soul/blues sound they had in Songs About Jane.

With that being said…I found the album overall to be rather underwhelming. The songs seem to blend together in an indistinguishable synthesized heap. There are a few songs that I enjoy though, if only because they’re extremely catchy and makes me want to groove/dance. You can listen to clips of the songs on this soundcloud player.

My favorite song would have to be “Lucky Strike.” It’s got a really fun sound, it’s energetic, has that fight-on vibe. Also I think it has potential to be made into a sick remix, something more grounded as house or dubstep.

My next pick of the album would have to be “Tickets.” Like I said, it’s rather catchy. Also, it reminds me of Lady Gaga. Alot. Think “Pokerface.” Yeah. Still a fun song though.

And then, there’s “Ladykiller.” You only get a clip of the songs from these soundcloud bits, but from listening to this track, I’m trying to figure out if the song’s about a bisexual/lesbian who’s trying to seduce the girl in question. Or at least that’s the story I get from the song.  It’s interesting.

And actually, “Wasted Years” is the only track on this album that doesn’t seem to fit with the rest of them…because it sounds like their older stuff. It’s pretty neat.

Otherwise, I found most of the other songs to be a bit forgettable. Ah well.


I also decided to obtain a copy of their 10th anniversary release of “Songs About Jane.” Well, mainly I wanted to get my hands on the demo version of the album. It’s pretty great. You get to hear what they sounded like before they got really big. But what’s also included are a few unproduced tracks that didn’t make it onto “Songs About Jane” when it was released. And I gotta say, I love a couple of these unproduced tracks.

“Take What You Want” is one of them. It’s also got a blues-y feel to it. Ahhh, Maroon 5 actually wrote some blues songs? Cool. Coolcoolcool.

And finally, “Ragdoll” has got to be a new favorite Maroon 5 track overall, even if it was never produced.

It is such a blues song. And now I desperately want to dance blues to it with someone. Argh. So good.

Speaking of blues, I recently went to my first dance exchange ever! A blues dance exchange, more specifically, that was in Columbia, SC. It was so much fun. When I first started dancing blues, it was more of a “see what they’re doing? Now go.” And in all honesty, that’s probably not a bad way to dance it. Its structure is very flexible and open to individual interpretation, which, I love, of course. But attending the workshops this weekend, I realized there really is a certain structure to blues dancing, as well as different types of blues dancing. All are still very open to personal stylization and in fact, even encourage it. Such a great weekend, and now I want to attend more blues exchanges. There’s one coming up in November in Charleston, SC. I’ve always wanted to visit Charleston. Maybe this would be a fine opportunity.



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