“The Siren”

An original song I wrote. Went to the beach recently, and I was standing on the condo balcony one morning, fiddling with my ukulele. I played this chord sequence and realized I liked it, and the song came shortly after. Man. I wish all songs took an hour or less to write.

So yeah, this song was inspired by the beach and the ocean (but technically I was at the gulf). And other things.

Fun fact: I think that, ladies, if you ever dated a guy who’s into playing music/writing music, you’ve probably had a song written for you/about you at some point. Cheers!


Siren’s call 
I am sinking 
beneath the ocean waves 
Music so sweet 
I must breathe 
but still I remain 
In the night
I thought I heard you 
whisper my name 
Send me sleep 
Keep all fears and 
worries away 
Open my eyes 
Show me reasons 
why I misbehave 
And still I stay 
And still I stay 
And still I stay 
Beneath the/(your) ocean waves ((x3))


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