Gin & Soda

So I read somewhere that an alternate to a gin & tonic is a gin & soda, where you just replace tonic water with club soda. I’m giving it a try as I wrote this post. My thoughts? It’s…cleaner, definitely, but that’s because you don’t have the syrup-y texture (and added sweetness!) from tonic water. So it really tastes like watered down gin, but bubbly. And a hint of lime from the lime wedges. Although I read somewhere else that adding a lime wedge and a dash of sugar to a gin & soda makes it a…gin rickey? I’unno. I think it’d be cool to be a bartender, or a mixologist, or at least have the knowledge of a bartender/mixologist and be able to know what goes with what in terms of liquor and mixer. Mmm…



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