First Position

So First Position was showing this week at Cine, the local independent/foreign film theatre here in Athens. So of course I seized the opportunity to watch it with some friends. So of course we all really enjoyed it.

First Position is a documentary that follows a handful of young dancers as they compete in the Youth American Grand Prix, this massive, really prominent, international ballet competition where the dancers can be awarded scholarships and job contracts in companies.

I don’t have a lot to say about this film, mainly because I feel somewhat under qualified to provide a decent comment as I don’t know much about ballet. The specific dancers the documentary follows all come from very different backgrounds, but what it goes to show is that these dancers’ passion for the art exceeds any and all limitations thrust upon them. The skill they all possess – some of them at such a young age – is truly astounding. These young adults practically eat, sleep, and breathe ballet, and their hard work and sacrifice pays off, with their rewards well deserving.

If you appreciate dance in any sort of fashion, then you will definitely enjoy First Position. 


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