1. This thing is obviously still in its beta stage as I’m trying to get the hang of using a new blogging platform. It’s a learning process. Life’s a learning process.

2. Your MOM’S a learning process! Ohhhhhhh… :is shot:

3. Every time my family has dinner and both my mom and my dad are present, I can’t help but feel anxious, maybe a little stressed. I think I’m beginning to behave around my dad as if he were a password-protected bomb, but not in the sense that the right password will make the bomb go off. It’s more like, say the wrong thing, and the bomb will go off. Wait. Now I’m confused. I guess I can’t really find the right analogy to describe how I feel around him, or when he’s with us.

4. I read a bedtime story to someone. Seeing as I don’t have any stories stored on memory, and as I’m terrible at improvising a story, I looked one up: Sir Gawain and the Lady Ragnell. I really enjoyed the tales of King Arthur and his knights growing up, and it’s been a while since I’ve read any of those stories. Actually, this one I picked is one of my favorites. Something about Gawain keeping to his word with Lady Ragnell, even when she was a foul-looking creature of a woman. But in the end, for respecting the Lady, he was rewarded. Maybe that’s why I enjoy it so much, because of the idea that men should treat women the right way, with respect.

5. Little brother’s graduated from high school! That means I can choose to never set foot on these grounds ever again if I so wish. And I probably will do just that. Seriously ya’ll.

6. The toilet in one of the bathrooms is starting to be overrun with ants. Not cool. It started a few days ago when I was in the bathroom, about to do mah thang, and I look down and notice an ant scurrying about on the ground. Dafuq? I grab a tissue to squash it (because this isn’t your normal, tiny-sized black ant that you find in droves making trails in your kitchen. Rather, it’s the slightly bigger black ant that makes you think “oh shit, this looks like it’ll fuck yo shit UP.”) and notice there’s a second ant nearby as well. Also not a good sign. But I notice they’re meandering about this certain…thing…on the tile. Not sure what it was. So I scooped up the ants, and the mysterious chunk thing with a squishy texture (gross), threw it in the toilet, peed all over it (because it’s so satisfying, being a guy, and being able to pee onto insects you’ve trapped with tissue and thrown into the toilet bowl), and flushed. I realized the mysterious chunk left some residue on the ground, so I grabbed more tissue to wipe it off. Then I got a quick whiff of something which made me realized it was a chunk of vomit. Someone threw up into this toilet and a bit of it escaped. Not really sure what to conclude from that, but, seeing as no one in this house is currently suffering from some sickness, that kind of narrows down the explanations a bit…

7. My new favorite song. I’m so bringing it to be played at the next Wicked Westie. I heard it while I was shopping in H&M the other day, and I thought, “hmm, this would make a nice west coast swing song.”

8. And this is an unplugged version of the above song. It gives off such a different feel. It’s great.


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